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Dreams Do Come True

Angela DarrolFor Angela Darrol, being named a part of the six-member Homecoming Court at Valparaiso High School was an honor. Angela basked in the activities of Homecoming week; she made posters about herself, dressed to a theme each day, practiced for the crowning ceremony, completed an on-stage interview during the
downtown Valparaiso pep rally, and prepped for the Friday night homecoming game and Saturday night dance.

Angela wasn’t the only one enjoying the ride! Her friends supported Angela with fan posters and t-shirts, and lit up social media. As a friendly and outgoing young lady who has always been active in the community and at school, many people knew Angela well. She’d developed strong friendships through the peer tutoring program at Valparaiso High School and continued to enjoy relationships with alumni who had been involved as tutors.

On Friday night, the moment had arrived. During half-time of the homecoming game, the Homecoming Court would take their places as Queen and Princesses. A drumroll carried across the field, and it happened. Angela was pronounced Homecoming Queen! The crowd went wild! Tears were shed! Angela was elated!

Throughout the weekend, Angela enjoyed the spotlight and reveled in pure joy as she was presented and recognized again and again. Angela’s cheerfulness and personality was praised, underscoring how deserving she was of the honor. The Darrol family felt so blessed.

“These moments are all the sweeter because of what came long before – the uncertainty of an unexpected diagnosis, startling cardiac issues and surgeries, chronic medical needs, stressing over educational placements, therapies, and the ubiquitous insurance snafus. Sound familiar? You may be somewhere on this journey with your own child. Expect good things to happen. Expect bumps in the road. Reach out for help. Share the journey with another family; you will find lifelong friends. Have fun together. Above all, enjoy and appreciate your precious child.”

– Brenda Darrol
Angela’s mother and former Family Voices Indiana specialist