Care Coordination

What is Care Coordination? This series of short, informative videos explains care coordination, shared plans of care, and setting care coordination goals. Effective care coordination can positively impact patient experiences and improve care outcomes.

What is Care Coordination?

What is a Shared Plan of Care?

How to Get a Shared Plan of Care

How to Use a Shared Plan of Care

Setting Goals

Wellness Passport

The Wellness Passport and Special Health Care Needs Addendum are great tools to help families organize their child’s health care information. Use these resources to manage care and provide new and emergency providers with a snapshot of your child’s needs and health history. We also recommend maintaining and carrying with you a more comprehensive electronic version.


Transition Resource is a program of the National Alliance to Advance Adolescent Health and houses an extensive library of transition resources. The information is conveniently tailored for use by health care providers, researchers and policymakers, and youth and families.